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Why Springfield Should Treat Addiction as a Health Issue, Not Legal Issue

A growing body of research from the drug rehab in Springfield has found that “cracking down hard”on criminals just fills up correction facilities with repeat customers.  Effective case management with rewards systems have much better long-term success rates.  The same could be said of management of those suffering from a substance abuse disorder: treating addicts like criminals doesn’t create fewer addicts.

Thinking with the Heart, not the Head

The term “evidence-based practice”exists in many fields.  It means using research-supported successful actions to make decisions.  The problem with certain issues, such as that of the criminalization of those with substance abuse disorders, could be that every voting citizen has a say in what laws are passed regarding criminality.  Treating addiction thusly interferes with the use of evidence-based practice for care and treatment.  A growing body of research is finding that addiction treatment at the drug rehab Springfield has similar success rates to the treatment of other health issues, and treating addiction as a health issue has better odds.

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If someone has heart disease, skin cancer or type 2 diabetes, one could also say that personal decisions and lifestyle factors may have had a part in the development of the disease.  How ridiculous would we think it was to take legal action against someone with diabetes!  Yet, that’s exactly what we are doing when we treat substance abuse disorders as though they are simply a moral choice with legal consequences.

More than Just a Decision

Studies have shown that substance abuse disorders are just as complicated as heart disease.  There are genetic and environmental factors that contribute to addiction behavior.  A growing body of research suggests that many addicts suffer from a comorbid condition (co-existing independent conditions).  Individuals with a drug addiction are about twice as likely to suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder, compared with the general population.  The reverse is also true.  Often the line is blurred to the point it is impossible to name which condition occurred first: the mood or anxiety disorder, or the drug addiction.

Unfortunately, since so many addicts also suffer from other mental conditions, the comorbidity can get missed and not properly treated.

Scientific Process

When we remove the stigma and treat addiction as a mental health issue, we can better apply the scientific process to treatment at the substance addiction Springfield.  Given that currently only 40-60% of addicts make a full recovery, our best chance of improving the odds is by applying evidence-based practices to care.

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