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Time Magazine is a featured magazine on ValueMags site. With their interesting and compelling articles they write every issue, it is definitely a well-known brand when it comes to magazines.

This month, because of the popularity or New Year’s resolutions, they have an article about the gym and why you need to join. Everyone knows that if they are trying to lose weight and leading a healthy lifestyle, it is important to join the gym to help them achieve their goal.  There is a new research held by Iowa State University to see just how effective going to the gym or a fitness center is. They recruited 405 somewhat healthy adults where half have memberships and have gone for at least 30 days and the other half are not members anywhere and haven’t gone to the gym in at least 3 months.

To see if there is a correlation between going to the gym regularly and leading a healthier lifestyle, everything from resting heart rate and body mass index was measured. In the United Sates, the recommended amount of time people should be spending towards physical activity is 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of dynamic exercise a week. After the two groups completed the allotted time for the study, researchers saw a big difference between them.

On average, people who did not belong to a group exercised for 137 minutes but those who do spent about 484 minutes at the gym. Therefore it is 14 times more likely you will meet the requirements for physical activity if you have a gym membership. There was another hypothesis the researchers thought, which was that outside of the gym; participants who have memberships would be more sedentary since they may be too tired to do other things. They found that it this hypothesis is false since joining a gym may increase overall activity levels.

If you think about it, at the gym there is a lot of specialized machinery to help with all kinds of muscle strengthening and toning. But in our day-to-day lives, living in urban areas, there just aren’t a lot to improve muscle.

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