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Useful tips in successfully staging Your San Francisco Luxury Homes

A properly staged home attracts even more wealthy buyers to the luxury home you have for sale. Invest time and money into staging luxury homes, it will bring you higher returns when sold. There are many high-end property buyers in San Francisco and you can attract them by luxuriously staging the houses you have for sale.

The following are staging secrets for your luxury home used by most industry experts:

  1. Make use of rich fabrics and luxurious linens.

Give your San Francisco luxury homes a 5-star feel by using luxurious linens for the beds and quality cotton towels of various colours. This brightens up the whole bathroom and gives it an inviting look. You can also display spa bath products in the bathroom to make it more luxurious.

  1. Remember you are selling the lifestyle not only the home.

Most high-end clients are looking for luxury and style in the homes they want to buy. Put up photos of a few vacation spots, this would add a luxurious style to your home interior and remind the high-end clients of what they could enjoy when they buy the home. Remove all personal photos from the home before showing your home.

  1. Use complementing furniture when decorating your high-end home.

Most Furniture used in decorating modern high-end homes don’t usually match but they complement. Blend the furniture styles to give it a luxurious look.

  1. Incorporate culture.

In staging a luxury home in San Francisco, you should always incorporate culture in its design. You can do this by decorating the luxury home with some musical instrument, such as a grand piano, violin or a saxophone etc.

  1. Make use of original artwork.

This projects class and elegance, using the original artworks made by popular artists goes a long way in attracting high-end buyers to linger longer in your home. If you cannot afford quality artworks, you can rent directly from the artist. Usually, this gives their artworks exposure to high-end clients so they are happy in dealing with sellers of high-end homes. Using interesting artworks in staging a luxury home, not only attracts high-end clients but also becomes a point of conversation between you and the buyer.

  1. Upgrade your garage.

Most high-end buyers have luxury cars. So be sure to upgrade your garage, as this would make the home more attractive. You can upgrade the garage by painting and seal the floors and ceilings. Clean everywhere and keep it clutter free. Expand the stroke capacity of the garage and upgrade the shelves with modern designs. Make sure the garage space capacity contains the same amount of cars it says on the listing.

Make use of all these tips for your luxury home, they have been used by most industry experts who have found them extremely useful.


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