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ORM services has been working with restaurants in the past to help them with online marketing. There are many amazing restaurants out there but the problem is that there is no awareness, especially online. Just like this new restaurant that just opened up called Tomato-pie. They specialize in making authentic Italian pizza. They have an old school wood oven that they bake every one of their pizzas until perfection and they make the pizza dough from scratch just as any Italian grandmother would. They have a very limited menu; there are five entrees to choose from and eleven pizzas’ as the main dishes.


The pizza that they are known for is Tomato-pie margherita; this is the traditional pizza anyone can get in Italy. It’s the simplest pizza anyone can order since there are only three items on the pizza, tomato sauce, a few blocks of bocconcini cheese and three fresh basil leaves. This is the simplest but the best pizza they offer and everyone who tries it swears by it. This isn’t your average pizza that you get on the street in any major city. This is why they differentiate themselves with the average pizza. This is a work of art and is enjoyed with all the senses. The way the pizza looks, the aroma, the texture of the crust, and the sound of the sizzling cheese when it’s fresh out the oven. However, not many people are aware of this hidden gem. ORM services knew exactly what to do in order to get traffic at the restaurant.


ORM started to upload tons of videos and pictures to create awareness and attract people to the restaurant. Many people on social media sites found it quite interesting when there were videos of Tomato-pie making and baking the pizza. It was a huge marketing success, in just a week; they gained over 200,000 views which are insane for a local restaurant. ORM services started a small social media contest and whoever took the best picture of one of their pizzas and shared it, they have a chance to win a free complete meal for four people.

This contest was the key to boosting sales and it worked well, too well in fact. Line ups started to form and they were required to hire two extra waitresses. The owner shared that he will never expand the restaurant in the near future but down the line he might, depending on if there is still high demand and the costs of the expansion. For now, they are focusing on trying to keep up with the demand.

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