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Simple Summer Wedding Themes

Are you planning on getting married in the summer but have no idea what to do with your theme? If you do not want to overdo a theme, or just want to keep everything easy, we have some great simple summer wedding themes for you to consider.

Don’t Over Think It

The most important thing to remember is to not over think your theme if you are looking for something simple. Look for ways to incorporate a theme without it being overbearing. For example, the beauty of nature is a very popular theme for summer weddings, and it can be as easy as having your ceremony in a botanical garden. When it comes to your bouquet, you can carry a simple arrangement of sunflowers; the yellow and brown of the flowers pops against a white dress and draws the eye immediately.

Boho Styling

Boho summer weddings are a relatively new trend but they can be very easy to DIY, or purchase from any decor or craft stores. The boho theme is great for those who are looking to have a little more relaxed feel to their wedding and it is used widely for outdoor receptions. The boho theme actually incorporates other popular themes such as vintage and romantic. Lots of colors can be used, and flowers and lace are both popular choices when bringing together a boho theme. Vintage pieces such as candelabras can be used, or more whimsical items like woven dream catchers with feathers.

Beach Wedding

With the sun shining brightly, having a beach themed wedding is a no brainer. Ideally, you can literally have your wedding on a beach, but this isn’t always practical. Instead, you can bring the beach to your wedding through decorations and activities. Make sure to do plenty of things that people associate with hanging out on a beach. One fun idea is to give your guests wedding sparklers which are a popular beach wedding activity. As soon as dusk hits, hand out some 36” wedding sparklers to your guests so they can light up the night. Wedding sparklers are cheap and they really make you feel like you’re some place tropical.

Vintage / Romantic Theme

Popular all year round but especially in the summer, the vintage or romantic themes offer a very dream-like kind of feel to the reception. Think strung lights hung in between tree branches for an outdoor reception; centerpieces made with candelabras accented with crystal and dark red roses, and the bride wearing a stunning lace dress with a long train.

Summer is a popular time for weddings, and having the right theme makes it a perfect time of year for fun. Just make sure you match your wedding theme to summer and all the pieces should fall into place nicely.

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