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Nepal – Most amazing getaway from India and the best places to visit here

When you feel too much bored in your country and are planning to go somewhere abroad, then you must be aware about the nearest destinations where you can have a solid holiday. There are so many beautiful neighboring countries across India that you can visit to make your holidays much more special and here are some brief illustrations about one of them.2

Nepal: the land of mountains and natural beauty

When you are looking for a cheap location at a foreign destination, then there cannot be an option better than Nepal which is blessed with scenic beauty. You can also get loan for vacation to fund your tour thus making the things even easier for you. It is just around some 1000 kilometers away from the capital of India and there are direct flights available to Nepal. In case, you have a paltry budget, you can also reach Nepal via bus and rail so that budget is never an issue here. Here are some of the most popular tourist destinations that you must get to visit in Nepal:

Pashupatinath Temple:

The temple is one of the most sacred Hindu temples which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and is one of the best places for the religious tourists. The temple is also known for its architectural beauty and it is also been called that it is the head of twelve Jyotirlinga that are located in India. This is why every devotee of Lord Shiva has a dream to visit this temple.


Though Kathmandu is more popular than Pokhara, but for those who want calmness on their holiday, pokhara can be a better visit. The city has got many lakes which can leave you mesmerized and in addition to this, it is also a great visit for those who love trekking in the mountain valley of the city.

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