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Less explored places in Jaipur

Jaipur is known as the pink city of India. Jaipur offers many beautiful places to see and many things to do. From all over the world, tourists visit Jaipur to see the beautiful forts and villas. Forts in Jaipur are very old and they belong to the time of kings. Tourists love to explore these forts and other historical sites in Jaipur. Ancient Indian culture and tradition still exists in Jaipur.2

If you ask anyone about popular places in Jaipur, they will tell you about Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, City palace, Nahargarh Fort, etc. They will also tell you about popular hotels in Jaipur. But apart from these popular places, there are many places in Jaipur that are less explored and hence less popular. Some of these places are listed below-

  • Chandlai Lake- This beautiful lake is located at the distance of 2Km from Kota Highway. This lake is not so popular but you can visit here to explore the natural beauty. Once you visit here, you will definitely love this spot.
  • Sambhar Lake – This Lake is the largest saline lake of India. You can visit this place to see the beauty of this largest saline lake.
  • Galtaji temple – You will find large number of monkeys at this temple. Monkeys are treated very respectfully by the local visitors at this temple. Along with it, you will find 7 natural springs at this temple. This temple has a unique charm which you should definitely explore.
  • Amer Sagar – This is one of the oldest and most beautiful lakes in Jaipur. During the ancient time, Amer Sagar was the primary water source for the forts of Jaigarh and Amer. This beautiful lake is situated nearby Amer Fort. Most of the people are unaware about this lake. This is the reason it comes among the least explored places in Jaipur.

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