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Incredible Casino Transformation

Gambling has been an ancient hobby of a lot of people wherever in the world. For decades, it has thrived despite strict regulations, banning and economic set backs. To date, it has massively grown into a trillion dollar business thanks to the ardent gamblers who never get tired squandering their resources in the casinos.

Throughout the years, we can notice transformations to the popular gambling spots as well as the casinos on it. The needs of the people are changing and as technology advances, casino operators must innovate and keep the business modern and running according to the market’s demands. The gambling industry seems to be shifting to a different course in order to maximize profit potential.

Here are the top 2 transformation of a gambling hub that is simply remarkable.

  • The transformation of Las Vegas from a natural oasis in the Mojave desert to the now world renowned glitzy gambling capital is so interesting. Despite Las Vegas reputation, America’s gambling and entertainment hub was actually created out of necessity.It was established in 1829 when Mexican merchant first opened the area as a trade route between Mexico and California, called the Old Spanish Trail. Then the railroads were constructed in 1905 which turned the small settlement into a “Sin City” in no time.2

The illuminating Vegas Strip we now know had come along way from the Dunes hotel, the forerunner of luxury hotels on the strip today,Apache hotel, the first building in Vegas to have an elevator, swum-up gambling tables, the glamour of the 1950s show girl sand the Hollywood celebrities lured by the dazzle of the city, all contributed to what Las Vegas is now at present – a gigantic adult playground which is home to the largest, the most luxurious and extravagant casino hotel and resorts in the world.

  • The Macau casinos reinvention has stopped the 40 year monopoly of the gambling operation in the once Portuguese colony. From old casino buildings in the city, the Cotai Strip was born in the Taipa island of Macau, which is now host to both Chinese and foreign operated casinos including Steve Wynn and Sands of Las Vegas. Mega casino hotel resorts graced the strip and soon more casinos with state of the art facilities for gambling and non gambling entertainment will open. Macau has been considered the Las Vegas of Asia and has in fact, out run Vegas in terms of gambling revenues.

Both gambling hubs are gearing towards family oriented and wholesome entertainment instead of just focusing on improving the casinos to expand its market. Land based casinos will continue to transform and so are the online casinos. Gclub online casino is continuously improving to serve the growing clients better. Its online casino games are high quality and super engaging. You’ll never have a dull moment.

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