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IMEI Changer

Get the latest imei changer is you need to change imei number on your device for any reason. I bet that you have heard of the new revolutionary trend about changing the IMEI code of your mobile phone. Everyone is talking about it and already there are thousands who have tried this thing out and it works like a charm.

IMEI Changer Tool

A few years back we knew very little about what the IMEI represented and how we can use it to turn the advantages of the mobile network carriers in our direction. But nowadays we have all the information that we need just a few clicks away.

For all those of you who are still uncertain what the IMEI code represents let me put it this way:

Imagine that your mobile phone device has a name and that name is the brand and the model of the phone. Like with people that same name can be assigned to numerous subjects or in this case mobile phone units. On the other hand we all have ID numbers which makes us stand out of the crowd that is bearing the same name as we do. Similarly, the mobile phone companies and manufacturers use the IMEI code which is unique to every cell phone device. Thus, if we want to know something particular about an individual mobile phone we use the IMEI code. If this still sounds futuristic to you just try out some of the free IMEI calculators and this will become clear as a day. If you insert the IMEI code in one of these IMEI calculating engines you will not only discover the correct brand and model of your mobile phone device but you will also be able to learn what year it was produced and which carrier it was sold out from.

The IMEI code is also used to store data in the carriers’ databases regarding your mobile phone device. The IMEI is also used, to a great extent when the carriers activate the SIM card lock on your device when you go and buy one by signing a contract.

If we look at things from a reverse point of view we can learn that by using our IMEI be can SIM unlock our handsets as well.

Today, I will teach the easiest way to SIM unlock your handset bought from any mobile phone network carrier anywhere in the world.

The procedure is now widely known as IMEI changing procedure, because the moment you change your IMEI your mobile phone device has nothing to do with the carrier that put their SIM lock to it.

How To Change IMEI Code Of Any Handset

Primarily you will need a tool to do so. And if you are looking for the best-quality tool, and top-rate performance then you are definitely looking for the IMEI Changer Tool.

As a software app it can be installed on any computer, so once you finish the downloading and installation procedures you can start the IMEI changing.

All you need to do is to find the IMEI code that your mobile phone device is already using and read the following instructions:

  • Connect your mobile phone device to the computer where the IMEI Changer Tool is already installed.
  • Right click on the tool and select open.
  • Fill in the mandatory fields and wait for the miracle to happen.

Once the operation is over and done with you will receive the new IMEI which has been assigned to your handset. To make sure that all the necessary and desired changes were done as well just insert a SIM card from another carrier to check that your device is truly unlocked now that the IMEI has been changed.

The IMEI Changer Tool comes for free so you will definitely have nothing to lose. Give the IMEI Changer Tool a go and forever free yourself from the limits the network carriers are building for you.

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