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Identity theft using Credit Cards- Crime

It is not uncommon to find situations when you have been charged for things that you never bought and you are left clueless about the same. You try calling the bank and wonder how such things happened. If it has ever happened to you then you might be a victim of identity theft. This crime, called as identity theft or identity fraud is quite a common scene. When someone obtains and uses your personal data such as address, social security number, credit cards and other details without you knowing about it. Some people obtain such info and use it to commit frauds, deceptions and financial losses.

Criminals are prone to identity theft by using some else’s credit card information, getting money out of their accounts or getting a new loan or credit card on your name. Such criminals can wreak havoc on you and end up you paying for the goods, loans and services they have purchased on your name.

You might wonder how this happens. It is quite a result of the fact that sometimes, the transactions and purchases are being made without actually contacting the seller and buyer. Online transactions, transfers made on phone or internet are made by the criminals where no one can identify them. They can easily buy goods and services using such details.


You must learn some ID theft protection tips to counter such acts. In some cases, these criminals transfer the money from one bank account to another while in others, they pretend to be you. They are master of such crimes. And the impact is to be bored by you. They can help you get a bad credit history, make it difficult for you to obtain new jobs, renting apartments or even sending you to jail. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with such instances:

  • File a police report: Be sure to product the police report and get its multiple copies so that you can send them to parties involved, money lenders and creditors.
  • File a complaint to postal services in your area as they can help to locate where the goods were delivered and thus, preventing such mishaps other times.
  • File a complaint with the credit bureaus and get free copies of credit reports. This will also require creditors to call or contact to confirm if you really are opening a new account or applying for a new credit card.
  • Send the report of crime to check out the verification companies. If you know or are aware of that someone is using stolen checks from your account, you must inform these verification companies so that they do not honor the fake or stolen check.

Identity thefts are time consuming, difficult to repair the damage and expensive process to your credit history. They can lend in you jail trouble and thus, it is important to change your identity numbers that have already been stolen as soon as you come to know about the crimes.

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