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Get Your House in Order with a One-Time Shredding Purge

Now that the GTA is heating up, many homeowners are taking advantage of the warm and sunny days to tackle a few chores they’ve left to collect dust over the winter. As they go through their garages, sheds, basements, and spare rooms, the urge to clear out the clutter becomes another task to add to the list. You never know what you’ll find in the average Burlington or Oakville home, especially when long-lost corners are inspected. You may find bankers boxes full of papers (or merely stacks of them) that need to be disposed of; however, as you search through them, you see that they’re old tax receipts and financial papers documenting account number, contact information, and your Social Insurance Number.

The amount of paper that the average household in Burlington accumulates can be monumental. Old tax forms, credit card statements, bills and insurance records shoved in desk drawers and file cabinets can add up until you have a veritable mountain of them hidden away throughout your home. Unfortunately, when faced with a sizeable collection, homeowners have a tendency to stuff the paper into their recycling bin as fast as they can so they can move onto the next item on their list.

When your springtime purge unearths these private documents, you can’t dispose of these papers as if they were any old garbage. Leaving them at the curb for recycling pick-up leaves you vulnerable to criminals who wish to steal these papers and the information they store. It’s called dumpster diving, and this can happen at night when most residents are sound asleep, or it can even happen during the day when many are away at work. Should they locate these files, criminals can easily use the private data to steal your identity and open up fraudulent accounts. Rather than storing personal records out on the curb and opening yourself up to risk, employing the best document destruction Burlington and Oakville has to offer allows one to safely discard of documents.

Many document destruction services in Burlington or Oakville provide secure shredding services for both residents and businesses across the GTA. Outfitted with state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks, they can arrive at your home for a one-time purge, where they’ll collect and destroy the papers you found during your cleanup. Reputable document destruction Oakville residents trust with their confidential papers will provide you with a guarantee proving the complete destruction of your files before they leave for the recycling plant.

Be sure to check with the service that you employ that they have these features, as these are put in place to protect your identity. A simple check of their website or a quick call to speak with a representative can clear up any questions you may have about their process. With a company dedicated to the safe removal and destruction of private papers, you can confidently clear your home of clutter this spring without worrying about dumpster diving or identity theft.

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