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Depend on him Who Created You

To think that whatever you are doing and whatever you have achieved so far in your life, is because of ‘you’, is something you really need to reconsider. If you stop for a while and think about all the things that have occurred in your life, you are sure to find several occasions where you did not know what to do, or rather things did not seem to be working as you had imagined it to be; but all of a sudden you find that your problem has been sorted out. Now think, do those moments make you say, “Oh how lucky!” or “Thank God”?

Most often than not, you must have said the second option, “Thank God!” Now it is time to realise that the reason behind saying this is that our sub-conscious mind knows that it is because of the presence of God in your lives that even the most crooked and complex situations are won over easily. It is only for your conscious mind now to accept the reality and continue to thank God for every little thing that you have achieved so far.

Depending on God is a lot easier than worrying about a situation, what must become very clear in your mind is that there is nothing that you can do without the consent of the one who created you. Why do you need for worry things? The Holy Bible says that if your Father in heaven takes care of the birds and animals by providing them their daily food and needs, then how much more will He care for you, who He created like Himself? Truly it is something to ponder on, and just like the animals and birds, leave every tension, anxiety, worry, sadness, into His hands.

The missionaries of the Gospel for Asia have been able to do so and their dependence on God for every little thing has made them so successful in being able to help out the needy people all over Asia. This group of volunteers have taken upon themselves to transform lives by giving the destitute, the hungry, the naked, the illiterate, the uneducated, the sick, the homeless, all that they require. This team of good people give assistance to survivors of natural disasters to carry on with the second life that they got.

The children who cannot be educated by their parents because of the lack of funds, the people of the slums who do not have proper living conditions, the women who have been facing difficult times in their lives; are all the categories of people who are given help by these missionaries. Their primary aim is to spread the word of God, through their actions. They believe that is by total surrender to God and prayer that a fruitful life can be lived even among all the hardships and difficulties.

Gospel for Asia has as their motto “With Faith We Serve”, and they follow it very faithfully. The bottom line is, if you have to get things in place in your life, all you got to do is depend on His providence.

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