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Astonishing Casino Stories You Didn’t Know

Casinos are one of the most exciting places on earth especially for gambling enthusiasts.The popularity of casinos has amassed thousands of patrons around the globe which made the gambling industry a billion dollar business. For years, casinos have been operating anywhere where it’s legaland at this age; they have successfully infiltrated the worldwide web.

A lot of fascinating stories about casinos have been collected throughout the years. Some of it may have already circulated and were told from one person to another but there are still a bunch of casino stories you may have never ever heard before. Read it below and get entertained.

  • The former gift shop CEO turned high stake gambler: Terry Watana be became a CEO of one of the largest gift shop in the market until he sold all his shares. His fortune from the sale has dwindled fast when he started gambling in Las Vegas and become addicted causing him to lose $200 million. Mr. Watabe’s yearlong gambling was said to be the single biggest losing streak in Vegas history by an individual.
  • The man who risked all he got on a single roulette spin: A British professional gambler, Ashley Revell, in 2004 gambled every single penny he had from the proceeds of the sale of his possessions including his clothes. Luckily, he won and doubled the $135,300 he betted to $270,600. Revell later used his earnings to put up his very own online poker company.2
  • The Vegas first timer nanny who bagged the $2.4 million jackpot: Jessica Agbunag won the huge prize in 2008 at California Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas with just $16 capital.It was her first trip to sin city and indeed had changed her fortune big time.
  • The onetime gamble that saved FedEx: In 1974 Frederick Smith, founder of FedEx saved the company from bankruptcy when he took the $5,000 remaining funds of the company to Las Vegas and played blackjack. The bankroll increased to $32,000 which FedEx use to continue operating for a few more days until he was able to raise enough to sustain and keep the business running.
  • The poker player who played 115 straight hours of poker for charity: Phil Laak was able to endure 115 hours of playing poker to try to hit a record and for charity. He survived the poker marathon with little discomfort and donated $1000 to Camp Sunshine.

All gamblers would want to read such inspiring casino stories from time to time. It gives them hope and a positive outlook about casinos. Want to tell your own story, start your luck at Royal 1688 online casino and share to us you great experience playing at an online live casino

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