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3 Tips for Handling Meals during a Kitchen Renovation

There’s nothing like the promise of a brand new kitchen. Having your drab old kitchen gutted and outfitted with sleek cabinetry, a new refrigerator and a top-of-the-line stove/oven combo will open the door to an exciting array of culinary possibilities. Unfortunately, before you can enjoy your wondrous new kitchen, you and your family will have to weather the actual renovation. Depending on how ambitious an undertaking this is, you may be without a kitchen for several weeks to a full month. Needless to say, this can make meal preparation incredibly tricky. Fortunately, the following tips are sure to keep your family well-fed throughout the renovation process.

Stick to Entrees that are Easy to Prepare

Even if the renovations have left you without your usual culinary tools, there are still certain meals you can whip up from the comfort of home. Entrees and sides that are easily microwavable are particularly appealing to families without a proper kitchen. Although microwavable meals are commonly viewed as unhealthy and lacking in nutrition, this is far from a universal truth. For example, some websites specialize in health-conscious entrees that are easy to prepare and don’t disappoint in the taste department. If you’re intrigued by the idea, consider having delicious meals delivered to your door.


Opt for Catered Meals

If your kitchen renovation has temporarily deprived you of a stove and oven, it will be impossible to prepare a wide range of meals. However, relying on a caterer to provide your family with a sumptuous dinner each night can save you a tremendous amount of time and hassle. Many caterers offer affordable meal packages to families whose kitchens are undergoing renovations. Depending on the caterer you choose and the size of your family, this option may prove more affordable than dining at restaurants every night.

Sample the Local Restaurant Scene

Frequently eating out stands to cost you a pretty penny, but if you can spare the money, you can turn not having access to your kitchen into an opportunity to sample the local restaurant scene. If there are any local eateries you’ve been dying to try, why not expand your family’s collective palette? Of course, this isn’t to say that you’ll need to eat every meal at a restaurant. There are plenty of breakfast foods that don’t require any significant preparation, and if your kids are in school, they should be covered as far as lunch is concerned. In essence, this means that dinner is the only meal you’ll need to consistently rely on restaurants for. Even if you genuinely enjoy cooking, it never hurts to take a break and leave the grunt work to someone else.

Despite the promise of a tricked-out new kitchen, renovating this part of a home can prove immensely stressful for families of all sizes. Additionally, preparing meals while renovations are underway is often downright frustrating. If you refuse to allow kitchen renovations to prevent your family from enjoying good food, take care to explore the previously-discussed options.

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